Microwave Oven with Grill Function of Grilling with Slate Stone Slab

Hi, this patent is being concession in the patent office in Spain, with number of Application No.: 201230304 has vindication date and preference rights MARCH 20, 2012. Has until March 20 to present internationally worldwide PCT.

A microwave is an appliance used for heating food kitchen that works by generating electromagnetic waves at microwave frequencies, at around 2.45 GHz

Microwave ovens operate using electromagnetic waves from a magnetron which produces a microwave beam diffused by the fan inside the high-frequency oven penetrating cooked food and molecular friction, exciting the water molecules in food, making it vibrate and produce heat. The microwaves entering through apertures in the top of the cooking cavity, a stirrer where the dispersed homogeneously throughout the oven.

Water, fat and other substances present in food absorb microwave energy in a process called dielectric heating.
As a result of the ability of the microwaves to penetrate at least partially, in the food, that heat does not occur as in conventional ovens at the surface, but will occur inside the food. This makes the cooking very fast, because all the energy is released into the food. Is fast, also because it is released evenly throughout the food, ie the heat does not have to pass from outside to inside, but is generated in the interior of the food itself.
One drawback, microwaved food have that look raw and slightly damp at times. Really what happens is that the heat generated within the water makes virtually evaporate or boil from the inside out and there is no layer that gives the appearance that dry crispy foods prepared in a conventional oven.

This effect of heat spread evenly throughout the food explains why microwaved food have that look raw and slightly damp.

Cooking with the microwave do not always want everything uniform. Within the areas where food is produced has focused heat and is not particularly widespread or spread properly for the rest of the food.

On the other hand, in the market there are plates for grilling food of the type of gas, called lava stone plates, but to use it is necessary to use gas stoves, apart from the comfort of the benefits and safety of electricity.
This proposal for utility model, we propose a new use of existing microwave ovens in which they have been added or built a stone Slate in order to give use of iron to cook food, besides being also a microwave oven conventional, with the characteristic that the top of the oven is removable and can have and use it as a microwave oven or grill pan.

This invention proposes to evolve the conventional microwave oven and add to complement characteristic of the furnace top is removable and interchangeable, (Fig. 1 / b) to incorporate a lid on top of the microwave which would have a stone slate to use as a food griddle. (Fig. 1 / a).

As is known, the microwave heating may cause excessive heating in some materials with low thermal conductivity, which also have dielectric constants which increase with temperature. An example is the stone of Slate, which may exhibit thermal runaway in a microwave until the melting point.

This microwave oven model proposed in this patent, would have the feature that the top of the microwave oven is removable (fig. 1 / b) and using rails holes available and easily interchangeable, (Fig. 1 / c) share the top with the lid as slate stone griddle (Fg: 1 / a) and in case you want to use as a microwave would you put the lid conventional microwave oven.

A commercial microwave oven with these characteristics, would be manufactured with the added feature and have two interchangeable and removable top cap (Fig. 1 / b) through holes in the form of rails to be exchanged and to be so multi- . (Fig: 1 / c).

Would have a cover to use as a microwave oven and other interchangeable lid to use as a microwave grill pan, built this grill pan slate stone, carved conveniently for this purpose. (Fig. 1 / a).

This patent has industrial application in the field of appliance manufacturers, catering, hospitality and household goods.

ES 1,076,902 issued 2012-03-20

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