Dual Stream Device/ Statistical Data Tracker

An Interactive Web-feed/television broadcast dual display system that enables a user to access any information currently available on the Internet without disrupting a television broadcast he/she may be currently watching. Web-based content is selected at the will of the viewer and is displayed on a desired area of his/her display screen without changing the television channel. That is, the Internet data a user chooses to display is unique and autonomous from the content being displayed via their broadcast television source. In this way, a user has the freedom to search the Internet, preferably in a desired area of the television screen, without affecting the current television broadcast or input source.

Currently, one can retrieve information via computer, iphone, smartphone, etc. For example currently, one can search for and view current and continuously updated information such as statistics at many web sites. Examples in the sports context include, ESPN.com, NHL.com, NBA.com, and the like. As used herein the terms 'stats, 'statistical, 'statistics, or words of similar effect shall be construed to mean all readily quantifiable information including but not limited to, sports, wagering, political, demographic, weather, financial and other data. In the sports context for example, such stats might include a baseball players current year or career batting average, a golfers career par on a particular course, an Olympic swimmers top ten Olympic times, a football players current year or career interceptions, a hockey players current or career goals, or a basketball players current or career rebounds, assists or blocked shots. In the political context, for example, a politicians career victories and losses, voting records, voter demographics and the like. Other useful and desirable statistical data will be readily appreciated by the readers.

Additionally, using the sports context as an example, one may view a televised sports channel such as ESPN, or watch a live event and wait for desired statistical information to be displayed- which information may never be announced or displayed. In the alternative, one may employ a TIVO, On Demand Box, or other television-compatible time shifting device to track a very limited amount of sports statistics. However, these devices can not provide customizable information unrelated to the current broadcast in real time and none are completely customizable and interactive.

Further, current technology exists for simultaneously displaying a television broadcast with Internet or other web accessible data. However, the displayed information is keyed to the specific content (ex. a movie, sporting event, news program, etc) being broadcast on the selected television channel. However, one cannot access and view on his/her television set data or information unrelated to the program being broadcast.

An advantage exists, therefore, for a system for enabling a television viewer to selectively retrieve and view in real time web based information unrelated to a television broadcast the user is currently viewing.

In this way, a user watching a sporting event, would not only be able to access pertinent and continuously updated statistical information pertaining to the current broadcast he/she may be viewing, but also allows the user to search for and display unrelated web based data. So if your watching a baseball game and want to view a player currently up to bats, career average against the current pitcher he is facing, you could, but even more desirable to the user, is the ability to search for and display unrelated statistical information such as weather reports, traffic reports, news updated and the like.

Currently, with the rapid expansion of fantasy sports, an advantage exists for a user to be able to access any piece of statistical information available at any time without disrupting a current movie, video game, or broadcast.

This device, simply, works like this: It is connected to the television or display device, slightly condenses the current broadcast source, allowing for a space in a desired area of the television to display desired statistical information.

US 2,012,092,000 issued 2012-07-03

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