Multi-lamp system


The present invention relates to a lamp supporting device equipped in an illuminating advertising signboard, particularly which is formed as an assembly type that makes carrying and storage thereof convenient thereby being generally used without imitation in various sizes (length) of lamps by simply replacing the center frame, and can arrange the lamps in a way being overlapped, thereby avoiding blackening and in a plurality of lines while freely adjusting the width between the lamps.


Generally, Flex, acryl signboards or the like have been mainly used in signboard manufacturing field. These boards are mostly manufactured in a rectangular form having various sizes, in which a plurality of lamps for illumination are mounted inside, and thus generated light helps the advertised graphic sign, name or the like represented in the front or the side of the advertising board to be distinctively shown at night.


Technical Problem

The lamps used in the conventional advertising board have been supported and fixed by only electric wires connected to the both electrodes thereof without using a separate supporting tool. Accordingly, in long-term use, these lamps were likely to be loosened from the electrodes owing to its own load or impacts or vibrations from outside such as wind, which causes malfunctioning thereof.

To solve these problems of the conventional ones, there has been a method suggested, in which a distinct supporting tool having receptacles for a fluorescent lamp on each end thereof is mounted inside a signboard so as to stably support the lamp.

However, the lamp supporting tool has a structure of one lamp-one supporting tool wherein only one lamp can be mounted on one supporting tool, therefore when being applied to a signboard where a plurality of lamps are used, the number of the supporting tool should be increased relative to the number of the lamps used, consequently resulting in increase in manufacturing and installing cost.

For solving the aforementioned problem, a registered utility model No. 0120025, a tool for supporting a fluorescent lamp used in an advertising signboard, which was previously filed by the present inventor, has been suggested.

The previously registered utility model provides a tool on which at least two fluorescent lamps can be mounted, thereby significantly reducing the cost for manufacturing and installing supporting device for fluorescent lamp. The tool is useful in a way that it makes possible to easily achieve desired level of illumination and to increase the light efficiency of the fluorescent lamps in a certain shape of a signboard by selecting the distance between the fluorescent lamps to a certain width,and to prevent the fluorescent lamps from being sagged in the lapse of time by supporting the middle part of a long fluorescent lamp with lamp supporting members.

However, despite the above-mentioned advantages, the previously registered utility model has some drawbacks such that the body of the supporting device is rather long even in a disassembled state since the tool has a structure which can be partially assembled, in which the body of the supporting device and supporting members for sockets can be disassembled, resulting in increase in physical distribution and storage cost. Particularly, since the length of the supporting device body is limited, it can not be generally used for fluorescent lamps having various sizes (length).

Further, when disposing the supporting tools continuously in lengthwise direction, it is not possible to dispose the fluorescent lamps continuously in a way being overlapped owing to interference of socket supporting members facing each other,thereby forming space where light is absent between the fluorescent lamps, resulting in blackening that is a phenomenon being dimmed as compared to the surroundings and thus decrease in illumination.

Technical Solution

The present invention is to solve these drawbacks of the previously registered designs, therefore the technical object of the present invention is to provide all of the structural elements of the present invention as each disassembled unit which can be instantly assembled at a desired site as a supporting device, thereby reducing physical distribution and storage cost, and to generally use the tool without being limited by various sizes of lamps by simply replacing a center frame with one suitable for a certain size of a lamp.

Further, another object of the present invention is, when mounting the supporting devices in continuous way, to arrange the lamps in a way being overlapped without being interfered by other lamp supporters, thus being possible to avoid blackening, by combining a lamp supporter by which a lamp is supported to a slide frame in a way that the lamp supporter is protruded outward.

Additionally, still another object of the present invention is to coupling the lamp supporters in a plurality of lines to one supporting device in a way that the width between the lamps is freely adjusted, accordingly a plurality of lamps can be arranged in a plurality of lines.

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