Special Bed for Self Induced Traction / Decompression

Please go to ebpocorp.com and read the article on Reverse Exercise which explains fully the lead up to this invention.
The author believes that regular Traction in low doses is needed from early stages of one's growth years for healthy joints all through life. The invention describes a bed on which one comfortably lies down, - restrains one's feet and (VERY CAREFULLY) the chin or shoulders and self induces a LOW DOSE of decompression (traction) in self's full body. One may lie in this posture for long periods comfortably, and also frequently such as daily.

The results can be very positive such as:
Achieve, - healthier joints, - thicker discs at joints, - relaxed (whole) body, - correct to body's crookedness from birth, gain height permanently, postpone or eliminate joint diseases, elongate permanently ligaments, muscles and bones.

The author has drawings for his 2nd prototype.

Again, please go to ebpocorp.com and read the writeup on Reverse Exercise

US 8,157,757 issued 2012-04-12   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$3,000,000

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