Next “must” for any billiard table.

New business with exclusive US patent for sale. The Laser Rack is the most innovative advancement in the sport of billiards in over a century. The employment of laser beam technology for the alignment of the balls in setting up each game ensures accuracy, precision, speed and ease of application. Anyone who plays pool has faced the challenge of getting a perfect alignment when setting up their ball rack. Now you can get the perfect alignment, every time, in seconds with the Laser Rack – a simple yet revolutionary new product. The Laser Rack uses lasers to line up your rack perfectly every time. One laser lines up with the center, the others with the two sides. Once the three dots light up, you know your rack is perfectly aligned. While the Laser Rack looks no different from traditional racks, it uses hidden lasers that reflect off small stickers that are easily attached under the foot rail and side rails and out of sight. SGMA Research, (Sports Marketing Surveys), provider of marketing research and analysis for the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, outlines the scope of the USA market for the Laser Rack in its 2010 “SINGLE SPORT REPORT – 2010 BILLIARDS”. The report reveals that there are over 43 million billiard participants in this country. Of this total, there are nearly 16 million “core players” or those who play 13 or more times per year. Based on the current wholesale price of $70 , if even one percent (a market segment of 160,000 “core players”) is reached , the considered revenues of $11,200,000.00 is projected. (Laser Rack is presently priced at $129.00 retail and $70.00 wholesale) If the current wholesale price of $70.00 is discounted by 50% to $35.00 the considered revenues of $5,600,000.00 is projected. In terms of “trending markets”, it is also important to note that 51% of all billiards participants as well as 50% of “core participants” are under the age of 35 years. Taking into consideration that over 50% of these participants are also male and 40% are college educated, as a demographic, they can be identified as particularly predisposed to the adaptation and assimilation of products which feature technological advancements. Interestingly, 45% of all 43 million billiards participants in USA have a household income of at least $75,000 per year. The Laser Rack is envisioned as the next “must” for any billiard table with its eventual establishment as the standard by which billiard games will be set up in the future. 25.5% of the company is for sale and this 25.5% controls the company.

Attached files:

US 6,629,897 issued 2003-10-07   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$75,000

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