3-in-1 Touch Screen System

Purpose of the Invention
3-in-1 Touch Screen System is a device designed to locate remote controls for entertainment electronics in the home or in vehicles. This innovative touch-screen, transmitter-based system can be used to activate various ring tones in the remote control in order for the individual to pinpoint the remote’s location. Televisions, touch-screen CD and DVD players, and any other device with a remote control can implement this system. Users can also access a popular social networking site on their TV that is equipped with WiFi via the touch screen functionality on the remote. In addition to this, users can also activate a web cam feature on the remote, allowing them to communicate with loved ones and friends through their TV. This product can be easy to set up and use. Individuals will appreciate the convenience and practicality that this product affords.

Problems Solved by the Invention
Remote controls make using some electronic devices much more convenient. However, these remote controls can easily become lost in-between couch cushions, under furniture, or misplaced in drawers, and it can be very frustrating and time consuming to try to search all over the room to find them. Additionally, since remote controls are typically small in size, they can easily become lost. An effective solution is necessary.

Detailed Description
3-in-1 Touch Screen System alerts individuals to the location of their remote controls for various entertainment devices. This unique system can comprise a television or other device with a built-in transmitter and a compatible remote control with a receiver.

The remote may resemble a smart phone with a large touch screen. The screen may include 20 buttons (Input, TV/DVD, web cam, social networking website, channels, guide, menu, search, volume up, volume down, ringtones, talk, glow, Internet, CD/DVD Burner, mute, 1-2-3, A-B-C, set-up and help) that can guide a user to find their remotes and operate the television. The device may include a cord and charger when needed. It may use AA or AAA batteries.

The remote may be water resistant, so if it gets wet, a user can simply wipe the remote down with a soft cloth. If a person touches the talk, ring tones or glow buttons on the TV, the transceiver will send a message to the receiver, causing the ring tones/talk/or glow features (whichever was selected by the user) within the remote control to activate.

The talk button may allow the remote control to respond. This will allow the remote to say two or three words. For example, it may say “under table,” “under bed” or “under couch.” The message may be activated and set up when the television is set up. The user can also press the TV glow button. If the remote is under the couch, it will glow either red, yellow, black, green, purple, blue or orange and talk, letting the user know where it is located. A user can follow the sound of the voice until he or she sees the remote glowing. A user can also press the ring tone/glow button. He or she can follow the icons displayed on the device to locate the remote. Each electronic device (TV, DVD player, etc..) that has a remote control may be implemented with this system.

If the remote is not found within 1 minute, the ring tone, talk or glow button will shut off automatically and the process can be repeated.

Additionally, there can be an option on the remote that can allow individuals to access popular social networking sites, the Internet and a web cam that is built into the television. The TV may be equipped with Wi-Fi and the touch screen on the remote may allow people communicate with loved ones through the TV using the web cam.

The exact specifications, materials used, and method of use of 3-in-1 Touch Screen System may vary upon manufacturing

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