Revolution in Vehicles Towing and hanging systems

New Electro mechanical vehicle towing and hanging plug in system

CTowing system is a new towing & hanging system allowing to connect 2 electro mechanical vehicles or objects together in a single operation.
This system permit to plug securely and quickly 2 vehicles together or 2 objects together transfering signals, data, electricity mechanical force in a single plug in:
a lot of configurations are possible:
- a vehicle to a trailer 1 axel Ctowing single ball
- a vehicle to a trailer 2 axels Ctowing double ball
- 2 vehicles together
- an e-bike to a vehicle or a trailer ....

Invention is particulary interesting for electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles wanting to connect to other devices or together
Invention is particularly interesting if a quick, secure plug in is necessary between a small vehicule and a standard vehicle to transfer mechanical forcing while transfering electricity and data.
Invention is particularly interesting when automatic plug in (connecting a vehicle to another vehicle or a charging station for example) is needed.

Refering international patent is available for sale or licensing.
Delivered with complete case studdy and primary designs

Possible commercial utilisation and business opportunities of the patent:
- EBike docking and hanging stations on walls or vehicles
- Vehicles docking station or intervehicles plug in
- Electric vehicle roadtrain
- Electric or hybrid vehicle multipurpose towing system
- Quick trailer plug in and towing (plug and tow)
- Vehicule multi devices or tools quick plug in system (construction, agriculture, military...)
- Ebike trailers and ebike ocking stations

Please submit your interest proposal before 01 January 2013

BE 2,012,019,955 issued 2012-02-16

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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