Cladding/Plastering Device

This is a device that will capture a significant percentage of the CEMENT MANUFACTURE market, or manufacturers involved in VALUE ADDED products.
It is in essence, a pre-packaged or manufactured plastering ‘tile’.
This device is easily manufactured, and has the following benefits:
• It is perfect for the DIY INDUSTRY, in that ANYONE, whether skilled or completely unskilled, can plaster a wall in ONE TENTH of the standard time it takes to do so by a SKILLED artisan! The method is simply to wet the wall, place the ‘tile’, wet the outside of the ‘tile’, smear once with a plastering trowel, and it is done – the next tile is laid next to that, and so on. These pre-packaged ‘tiles’ would ideally be packaged in packs of ten in a similar manner to how paper pockets of cement are presented, except being flat, they are much easier to pack palletize and transport. Sizing can vary to manufacturers ideal.

• It is perfect for the PROFESSIONAL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY in that this device will now place them in a position to calculate with FAR MORE ACCURACY, the amount and cost of predicted usage for a project. Even a DIY enthusiast can calculate his/her needs accurately with this Device. Furthermore, it can be used in the SWIMMING POOL industry where the cladding of the inside of the pool is done with MARBELITE – the Device would be delivered in exactly the same way, except the content mix would be to suit.

• Where wastage in the normal method of plastering is between 30 and 40 per cent, this Device ensures virtually ZERO waste!

• Because of the fact that these pre-packaged ‘tiles’ would be manufactured to specific specifications, and are tamper proof, the Device immediately removes the opportunity of theft or tampering – for example, if 10 pockets of cement are delivered, the builder can steal half of them and compromise the building quality – this cannot happen with this Device.

• It is perfect for the CEMENT MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, in that they are in the perfect position to manufacture this Device as an extension to their cement manufacturing. This is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL in today’s world, where competition is fierce, and a Manufacturer that does not get in on the act NOW, most definitely WILL lose a percentage of MARKET SHARE, which can make all the difference in the company’s survival. Manufacturing DIRECTORS worth their salt will immediately recognise this.

• It provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to hit the ground running with a NEW PRODUCT that most certainly WILL be IN DEMAND, thus providing for a NEW INDUSTRY in its own right.

• It provides PRECISION in the thickness of the plaster layer – in other words, the user can SELECT a thickness, like 3mm, 5mm, 10mm or any other thickness where precision is required. This adds to the SAVINGS aspect of using this Device. Our tests have shown that the THICKNESS of the pre-packaged ‘tile’ remains exactly the same AFTER application. In addition, where a thin layer of plaster is used, like 3mm, the joint marks of the surface underneath are less prone to show through. We have done tests where the bricks have not been mortared together (loosely stacked), and where normally cracks at such joints would immediately appear in standard plastering, it does not when using this Device!

• The design of the Device is such that it can be CUT to suit, and FOLDED around corners, thus making it easier to plaster in places that were difficult or impossible to plaster before. It also makes plastering of LINTELS that is plastering upside down, MUCH EASIER.

• The Device can be used for any other surface cladding procedure, from the building and construction industry, to the cladding of rocket nose cones! The applications are endless!

• The Device can deliver any type of material, whether dry mix, like cement and plaster sand, or marbelite, or liquid or even gas content!

• The Device also provides for reinforcing insertion where high strength finishes are required.

• Various manufacturing methods have already been worked out and will be presented to the company that buys this patent from us as a free bonus.

Any Company or Entrepreneur wishing to buy this patent, should submit a LETTER OF INTEREST. Once we have enough applicants, we will present them with a VIDEO of a comparison in Speed, Accuracy, Ease of use etc.
Those that still maintain interest after viewing the Video, and the Patent File, must submit their intent in written form, and we will then set a date for TENDERS.
Potential buyers of this Patent should note that we are interested in a pay-out as follows:
1. A lump sum pay-out to which is added…
2. A Royalty, which will have a clause…
3. In the event of non-manufacture, a minimum monthly fee will be paid.
All agreements and pay-out procedures will be handled by our attorneys at ADAMS & ADAMS Patent Attorneys.
Closing date for offers is 31st December 2012.
All communications are to be done via email:
For viewing of details and diagrams; the patent is lodged at the South African Patent Office under Provisional Patent number 2012/08204.

ZA 201,208,204 issued 2012-11-01

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$1,000,000

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