Disposable Heat-Generated Vest 5 times less costly than the closest competitor. 3M has shown an interest.

Target Market:
Military Personnel
80 Million NFL fans
39 Million College football fans
12 Million that experience yearly power outages (cold weather)
17 Million that attend amusement parks
800,000 migrant workers
Mark Yulee is a Florida native that has a product that is 5 times less costly than an existing competitor. The company 3M has already shown an interest in said product. Yulee has applied for the Utility Patent, but is seeking assistance from companies for a licensing agreement. The product is a disposable heat-generated vest that will offer the consumer a need, a sense of comfort and is less than the $59, $79, $532 products that are on the market ($10-$12 retail). Yulee’s concept is also unique in that it is disposable which offers a residual income potential. He is a Law Enforcement Officer and former veteran of the U.S. Army which enforces his knowledge of a need for this product. Yulee briefly talked to a former Navy Seal team member about his product, and he said that he wish he had one on his missions/training. . A utility patent is being established and will be in affect by the 21st of November 2012. Yulee’s designs are novel and creative in nature. This product can have images of anything that the customer would like i.e. camouflage, NFL, Disney etc…. Mark Yulee initially created 3, samples with different team logos and concepts that now have created endless concepts via Photoshop and Cad-rom drawings. The typical customer is either someone purchasing sports apparel, but the product, not only offers the sports enthusiast/consumer what they want, it also offers a need, a need to stay warm in a cold environment s. Mark Yulee offers an opportunity that will allow Yulee to showcase his product and other marketing paraphernalia and parlay this concept into money making venture. Yulee feels with the right marketing and financial support of a venture capitalist, his invention will create a fanfare that will rapidly create a success around the world. Yulee feels, with the proper marketing and a licensing agreement with companies like Johnson and Johnson, 3M, Proctor and Gamble, profitability will be reached by month 11 and revenues for year 1 are projected to reach $167 million. Yulee can be reached at 813-495-1414.

US 61,562,038 issued 2011-11-21

Type of Offer: Licensing

Asking Price: US$4,000,000

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