Shovel Lifting/Throwing Device

The first self lifting snow shovel in the world is in front of you! So please take a look you will be surprized what this actually is.

Shoveling snow consists of three actions pushing, lifting and throwing.
This shovel uses the one action of pushing to lift and throw the snow in one smooth pushing motion, the need to lift is done for you as user pushes and accumulated a load the shovel can do nothing but lift it happens automaticaly, The act of lifting is totally eliminated.

This is the only snow shoveling aid that assists the user in lifting and throwing snow in a manner that is identical to the movement and stance of shoveling with a standard snow shovel. Greatly reducing the physical effort and strains that normally occure when shoveling.
This is not a shovel with a bent or curved handle to change lifting position that the user lifts but still has to lift the entire weight of the load.

This shovel incorperates a lift assisting mechanism that lifts the load using the users energy of pushing to do the lifting and throwing.
You could actually push down on the shovel and it with lift as you push.

CA 2,670,461 issued 2011-09-27

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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