A detachable foot operated opening device for outdoor trash an recycle cans.

Mack's Lid Lifters are the only detachable foot operated opening device in the world for all outdoor trash and recycle cans with a hinged lid.
My new product's been needed world wide a long time, for several good reasons like these below.

Now you can open the lid with both hands full.
Help reduce the spreading of germs.
Reduce a little hassle in your life.
Help children reach the lid.
Help the handicapped.
Help the elderly

Their are approx 80 million detached homes in the USA alone, not to mention.

medical facilities
And the rest of the world.

I am all setup to do the manufacturing and shipping.
But I don't have the funds,nor the know how to do the marketing.
So now I would like to sale the patent out right or keep the manufacturing and partner with a marketing company. Price negotiable

Visit my website for details and video. wwwmackslidlifters.com or call 360-618-3035 pst.
Patent pending and utility patent submitted on 11/30/12.

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US 13,690,872 issued 2012-11-30

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$5,000,000

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