Remote Controlled Beach Cooler

This beach cooler is unique in the sense that it powers it's self effortlessly, as opposed to pulling a standard cooler across the sand. Army "tank like" wheels tread all terrain for a multi-purpose (camping, fishing, hunting) use. Its body is suggested to simulate your favorite automotive design, much like a giant remote controlled car, each one individualized to the consumers’ specifications. Cooler is equipped with a refrigerated compartment, dry storage, working headlights for nighttime use, and built-in radio & TV. The cooler is battery operated and the remote control is conveniently stored in the grill's cavity, which locks via four-digit combination, eliminating need for monitoring as well as the possibility of an "app" as a second controlling device. Two models can be made to accommodate families and single users.

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US 7,798,886 issued 2010-09-21

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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