Composition in the Form of Liquid for Maintenance of Contact Lenses and Medical Materials

The invention relates to a composition, particularly in the form of liquid to be used externally as a rinsing contact lenses, containing nanocrystalline photocatalyst active in visible light, and optionally hydrogen peroxide.

Titanium dioxide based materials are commonly known as photocatalysts of environmental and biomedical relevance.Photoactive TiO2 irradiated with ultraviolet light shows antiseptic, fungicidal, disinfecting and odour-neutralizing properties. It can be used for production of self-cleaning surfaces as well as disinfection, sterilization or odour-neutralizing agents.

The main advantages of modified nanocrystalline titanium dioxide
-lack of the dark-toxicity of both the modified material and its components;
-visible light induced strong effect of phototoxicity towards microorganisms allowing elimination of expensive and harmful ultraviolet light sources;
-easily applied for various surfaces impregnation and coating thus forming thin photocatalytic layers;
-stability in a wide range of pH, especially in the neutral conditions (pH=7), contrary to unmodified TiO2 stable in the form of transparent colloids only in acidic media;
-lack of any negative influence either on natural environment or human body;
-low production costs.

Experimental tests of the bovine serum albumin photodegradation and Escherichia coli photoinactivation confirmed a high photocatalytic activity of the modified nanocrystalline titanium dioxide under visible light irradiation conditions.

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WO 2,011,136,672 issued 2011-11-03   [MORE INFO]

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