Conductive Carbon Layers on Powdered Supports

A process for the preparation of carbon layers on powdered supports comprising dissolving a hydrophilic polymer (PH) at the level of 85 do 99.9% by weight in water, adding pyromellitic acid (PMA) or pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) at the level of 0.1-15% by weight, then introducing to the mixture the powdered support at a level of 1-99% by weight. The suspension is concentrated and dried, and the composite precursor formed is subjected to a pyrolysis process at 300-1500 DEG C.

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EP 97,884,167 issued 2011-03-03
JP 2,011,523,764 issued 2011-02-10
PL 385,908 issued 2008-08-19
US 13,027,787 issued 2011-02-15

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