Cat Litter Holder for Holding Cat Litter Bags

This invention is a litter bag holder for holding cat litter bags that are used to contain cat litter waste. The bag holder comprises a housing that can be attached to a cat litter box or nearby wall, so that the bag holder is always conveniently available to the pet owner. The bag holding can be sold separately and then attached to the litter box or nearby wall by the consumer using adhesive, screws or Velcro. Alternatively, the bag holder may be integrally formed with the litter box during manufacture of the litter box.

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Website Drawings for Litter Bag Holder (02-09-13).pdf
Website Drawings for Litter Box (02-09-13).pdf

US 12,345,678 issued 2012-00-00

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$30,000

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