Device for stopping abnormal electric activity in the brain causing epilepsy

Epilepsy is a condition in which there are repeated attacks of seizures resulting from epileptogenic focus in the brain. This focus once activated from time to time causes abnormal electric activity leading to hyperexcitation of cerebral centers precipitating seizures.
There are several means of antiepileptic therapy including drugs and electronic devices.
Concerning drugs, they have side effects which may sometimes result in mental and physical disability.
For devices to work they need be inserted in vivo i.e. inside the body using open surgery which may be sometimes risky.

This Invention
is a small electronic device applied externally without need for surgery.
It can prevent the occurrence of the attack at its beginning if used earlier. Also, it can stop its progress if used during its occurrence. This depends on the timing of its application in relation to the attack.

Device Structure
It is formed of two units:
1- effective unit which is carried with the patient. It is connected with an electrode by means of a cable.
2- charging unit which is a small unit for charging and testing the efficiency of the effective unit.
Indications for use
This device is used:
♦ As a first aid when there is an actual attack.
♦ For protection against epileptic attack whenever applied continuously.
Firstly: concerning application and operation
1-The device does not need any surgical intervention but starts to work once applied to the skin of the patient head.
2-It is of small size not more than the size of a match box. So it can be hidden under a head cap or a crown according to the patient desire without disturbing him.
3- The effective unit does not contain any operation buttons but it works spontaneously once applied to the skin of the head. This results in saving time with more rapid efficacy and avoiding operational errors.
Secondly: concerning efficacy
1- An epileptic attack is evitable if the device is applied just before its beginning especially when the attack can be predicted.
2- In case of presence of some symptoms such as deviation of the eyes or sensory hallucinations such as abnormal sounds, the device can prevent the forward progress of these symptoms and stop the attack. The patient can return back to his normal activity without fatigue .

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