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Like many people across the country, after a long day of work, you want to relax. So you come home to relax to grab your favorite drink and head to your favorite chair to watch your favorite show. Unfortunately, once again you can't find the remote! Whether it was due to the children watching cartoons or mom cleaning the room, it seems you can NEVER find the remote control, until now. I am here to introduce to you MyLo the remote locator, it locates your misplaced remote control using an audible tone, vibrations or LED lighting. I understand the expensive journey that is, so to bring " MyLo " to you sooner, I have designed a Universal Remote to be used by the public until the T.V. industries catch on. Using the same concept as the Cordless telephone paging system, I have developed a system where you can find the remote with a simple push of a button. This idea come with a rollover capability into (televisions, dvd's, blu ray) any electronic item with a remote control. I look forward to working with you to possibly take MyLo into the future of manufacturing Remote Locating devices. Imagine one day being able to push a button on your find the remote control. Let's make Smart t.v.'s Intelligent.

US 61,797,253 issued 2012-12-18

Type of Offer: Licensing

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