Method and Device for Assessing the Level of Microbial Activity of Soil

The invention concerns a method, a device and a related kit for assessing the level of microbial activity of a substrate, for example cultivated soil, biomass and other environments where there is an enzymatic activity, based on the biodegradation of a material that allows the detection of the same. Various applications of the method and the device are described. An important sector for application is agriculture.

Pub. No.: WO/2012/140523
International Application No.: PCT/IB2012/00115
International Filing Date: 13.06.2012
Publication Date: 18.10.2012

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Fertimeter Presentation 3.ppt
Fertimeter Presentation 3.ppt

WO 2,012,140,523 issued 0000-00-00   [MORE INFO]

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