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I am a retired Master Carpenter with a Structural Engineering background. I am seeking offers to Manufacture/Sell/Distribute my tool. I have developed a NEW Plumb-Level Tool for hanging pre-hung doors and existing doors. Patent No. 8418375. For a complete discription go to (USPTO.GOV) search patent number.. I have a proto-type and have used it in my contracting business with great success. Other contractors and carpenters ask where I got it. After that I put it away.
THE EZ DOOR PLUMB-LEVEL TOOL. The “EZ DOOR PLUMB-LEVEL ” takes the complex task of hanging a door to a whole NEW level. Just use the anchoring system to ANCHOR the TOOL thru the pre-drilled lockset hole and forget about handling other levels. Hanging a Pre-Hung has never been this SIMPLE of a one man operation. Can be used on both wood and steel doors. Also can be used to reposition an existing door.
All you have to do is remove the door lockset and anchor the EZ DOOR PLUMB-LEVEL. Remove all hinges except the bottom hinge from the door jamb. You are now ready to reposition the door for plumb & level using the EZ DOOR PLUMB-LEVEL. Reattach hinges to the proper plumb & level and you’re finished.
This Pumb-Level Tool allows one man to do the work of two. Hands-free viewing of both plumb and level once the tool is anchored to the door. Will leave no marks on th face of the door.

US 8,418,375 issued 2013-03-27   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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