Intellectual Game

"INTELLECTUAL GAME" is an entertaining and educational tool for users of an early school age range. This product would consist of spinning frames that would feature cards imprinted with letters, numbers, vocabulary words, colors, geography, etc. The "INTELLECTUAL GAME" can be used to play a fun game in which players would transfer cards from one frame to another, learning as they play.

The appealing features of "INTELLECTUAL GAME" would be its ability to be used to teach the players about the various subjects in a visual and tangible manner. This versatile tool would allow children of an early school age range to enjoy hours of fun and learning. Spinning the frames and switching the cards would give the child a sense of accomplishment and provide an educational, yet entertaining pastime. The use of a fun tool would be much more effective than a simple oral question and answer process. The players would enjoy the process and would therefore better retain the facts learned.

It's difficult to concentrate a child`s attention during teaching because he or she gets sick and tired of learning easily. Also, children are spending too much passive time in front of computers, which further weakens their attention spans and receptivity to learning.
The "INTELLECTUAL GAME" would have an appealing method of use, with fun rotating frames that would excite and involve the children.
The interactive nature of this educational tool would encourage the students to participate and would teach the players early .earning skills in a fun and enjoyable manner, this device is a useful educational tool that would provide an entertaining way to teach players about a variety of subjects.

This device could be valuable for children of an elementary school age range; younger children could use this device as an entertaining way of first learning basic skills, while older children could benefit from reinforcing skills with which they may need practice.

The potential exists for varying the production of "INTELLECTUAL GAME" in ways which could make it more appealing to a wider range of end users. This could include producing "INTELLECTUAL GAME" of various colors and with decorative designs. Various sizes could also be offered.

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AM 267 issued 2011-06-27   [MORE INFO]
AM 267 issued 2011-06-27   [MORE INFO]
AM 294 issued 2012-06-27   [MORE INFO]

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