Intelligent Temperature Indicator Label and Method

Our Smart Labels or Time Temperature Indicators (TTI) are researched and designed for use in Cold Chain .

The labels provide information regarding the Products Integrity. They monitor whether or not the products have been stored or maintained at the proper temperature and time limits.

These smart labels will indicate unsafe storage temperatures and/or expiration dates of food, medical and pharmaceutical products which are no longer safe to be used.

- Reduce and/or Eliminate the number of Food-born Illnesses, and thus saves lives .
- Provide simple, clear and irreversible visual communication to the consumer : Buy or Do Not Buy or Safe or Unsafe to use of frozen and refrigerated products.
- Adds value and recognition to name brands.
- Increases consumer confidence, and therefore increases the sale and reduces Waste of cold chain products.
- Eliminates the confusion and conflicts between manufacturer, transporter and final point of sale.

US 201,300,815,661 issued 2013-04-04   [MORE INFO]
WO 20,130,508,462 issued 2013-04-11   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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