The Digitalfreckle, Touchscreen Precision

Do the smartphone's keys seem too small for your fingers? The Digital Freckle is a new product that improves the usability of touch screens enabling an accurate writing. A minimal and functional gadget that will help your finger to type always right!


Touch screens are not precise enough to allow effective typing

... tired of making typos?

... emails written with undecipherable words?

... do the keys seem small for your fingers?

Our challenge is to help your finger to type always right!


The Digital Freckle is the ultimate gadget that when placed on the finger improves the usability of touch screens, enabling taps and gestures to be more accurate. It definitely makes your finger be always right!

This minimal and functional new product is made by an ergonomic and removable plaster that sticks excellently on the finger with a pointer that allows electrical conductivity and creates a direct and smooth contact with the touch screens.

The product was presented in Brussels Innova 2012 awarded by the World Intellectual Property Organization "Best product invented by a woman inventor".

The Digital Freckle is a product that fits well with our times because everything related to mobile phones and touchscreens arouses interest by the boom of the relevant market.

The Digital Freckle will generate benefits because it is a useful and simple product, very cheap to manufacture, and also a component of fashion and trend element, thanks to the possibility to confer it with different colors, logos and textures.

The product is designed to be sold in boxes like "blister pack" with a number of 10 units for example. Each unit can be reused several times and when the product loses its adhesion characteristics to the finger it's time to replace it with another, it’s then a gadget to “use several times and throw".

Solves the problem of usability with touch screens as it facilitates precision, accuracy in typing all using a single hand and addresses the issue of hygiene in sharing touch screens.


What is the VALUE? Improves touch screen precision for effective typing, gaming...

Who is going to be the CUSTOMER? All touch screens users: Smartphones, GPS, Cashiers, Devices, …

What TECHNOLOGY are we using? A patented technology with premium materials to offer a reliable and comfortable experience

Where can the product be offered? It’s a born-global product that can be easily distributed around the world.


The mobile phone market is a growing market, and with it all accessories related to mobile devices. In 2012 there were more smartphones than humans in the world and according to a study by Cisco is expected that by 2016 there will be over 8 billion mobile personal devices. That is why the Digital Freckle is part of a growing market and great opportunities.


The PCT application was made last June 2013 claiming priority of the spanish patent.

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ES 1,078,335 issued 2012-07-23   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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