Metadichol ® Nano particle and applications ( patent pending)

Metadichol®*(anagram METHODICAL) is a product produced from the waste of our agricultural industry and is present in small amounts in our foods we consume on a daily basis as most of it is lost in our food processing.
We suffer from diseases because our immune system gets weakened over time and  leads to death. A enhanced immunity is the key to a longer life.
All diseases are reducible to passive or active disturbances of cells. One can mitigate diseases by correcting and manipulating the DNA library( transcription of genes) in the nucleus of each cell that all of us carry in the 46 chromosomes 23 each from our parents.
Drugs of today control symptoms but not the origin of disease These drugs lead to a weakened immune system. Man made molecules (drugs of today) target only one disease or two with side effects. An average drug has approximately 80 side effects.
Food based products like Metadichol (derived from sugar cane or rice, grapes, wheat, peanuts, apple and broccoli etc) has been around for billions of years and part of every day human diet will hit multiple targets for the simple reason that billions of years of evolution have made it precisely that way. Metadichol® works on multiple diseases.
Metadichol® because of its small size 53 nm enters the nucleus where the 46 chromosomes (this contains the blueprint of our life) and helps repairs the diseased cells using the information in these 46 chromosomes.
Metadichol’s acts by boosting the immune system by affecting the nuclear receptors .
We have documented its effects in: infectious diseases, hypertension, obesity hyperlipidemia, diabetes (Type 1 and 2) and chronic kidney disease and many other diseases at less than 30 cents per day without causing side effects. It can be used for prevention as well as mitigating diseases.
At present we produce this in a FDA approved facility in Switzerland Switzerland. Metadichol is positioned to give value for money and value for many at affordable price of less than 30 cents per day.
We are now seeking interest from potential partners to market and distribute Metadichol and its family of related products developed at NanoRx
We have a third patent field that will appear in 2014.

US 13,211,132 issued 0000-00-00   [MORE INFO]
US 12,691,706 issued 2010-08-26   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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