Suicide Proof Fan

We are pleased to share that we have an exclusive marketing tie-up with Dr. R. S. Sharma, a cardiologist and inventor of a patented device to prevent suicides by hanging through ceiling fans and is based out of Jabalpur which is ironically the suicide capital of India.

Greenland , South korea, Luthania are the top three for suicide from fan and even in india now the toll is increasing it is about 32% suicides due to fan .

The device comprises of a spring mechanism which is fitted into the rod of the fan and the fan will come down if someone tries to hang from it thereby preventing the person from committing suicide.

Hostels , Academia, Jails,Mental hospitals ,rehabilitation Centers & even for normal people also it is a big market.

IN 22,332,013 issued 2013-09-06   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$50,000

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