Novel Food Product (Packaging)

Unique hand-held cup with two compartments that keeps pasta and sauce separated until just before microwave heating, resulting in the freshest possible taste and perfect al dente texture. Sauce is in the lid and pasta/rice/noodles is in the cup.

The consumer pulls tab to break seal of lid to cup, turns lid ½ turn and sauce is released onto pasta, then microwaves the cup for 1 ½ minutes, discards lid, stirs and eats. Wide range of applications: snacks, entrees, desserts – hot and cold preparations. Besides pasta, cup can contain vegetables, fruit, meat/poultry/seafood, soup, etc.

Designed to be easily implemented by licensee:

Packaging: Lid and cup are in PP. Sealing requires custom tools. Net wt. 300/320g, but there are many other size/weight options.

Processing: Autoclave/retort with back pressure. Automatic filling/dosage machines. Thermal sealing equipment for plastic film.

Winner of Oscars of Packaging in Paris November 2013.

Attached files:
La Cup Twists Presentation 12.13 (2).pdf
Les Twists Fact Sheet Dec. 2013.pdf

WO 20,111,448,591 issued 2011-11-24   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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