Improved Continuous Variable Transmission System and Use Thereof

The HP-CVT is a patent-pending redesigned continuously variable transmission (CVT) for use in vehicles and other motorized applications, with unique capabilities in high power/high torque contexts (thus the name—HP-CVT) such as for use in large vehicles and machinery. The HP-CVT functions not only as a CVT but also as an infinitely variable transmission (IVT), which allows the transmission output to be zero RPMs, and as a torque converter. By combining the CVT, IVT and torque converter functions into a single system, without the need to add other transmission modules such as planetary gear systems, the HP-CVT represents a unique design improvement and promises improved efficiencies, a great range of uses and lower costs of production.


• Suitable for (very) high power engines , up to 10,000Nm and more…
• 90% of the parts of the system move slowly • Because of its high efficiency, it can also can replace any modern automatic transmission • The technology is unique and patent pending in the E.U. (patent examiner confirmed it is state of the art); still within the window for world-wide patent coverage
• The HP-CVT is a CVT, IVT and torque-convertor in one, without the need for other modules • The HP-CVT has fewer parts than a modern automatic transmission and is therefore cheaper to fabricate; it is also smaller in size and lighter in weight and be fit any number of form factors
• This HP-CVt integrates a special high efficiency hydraulic system and several advanced planetary gear systems within the HP-CVT itself. These technologies are well known and integrated in many applications and therefore are proven technologies.

WO 20,130,503,531 issued 2013-04-11   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$15,000,000

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