Method and System for Programmable Camera for Configurable Security and Surveillance Systems

A method and system for a programmable camera for a configurable security and surveillance system are provided. A programmable sensor agent for video surveillance may comprise a network interface, a processor, an image processor, and an image sensor. The image processor may comprise at least one configurable device. A device programming file may be received by the network interface from a system manager and may be programmed into at least one configurable device in the image processor via a JTAG interface in the processor. The processor may also verify that the programming has been completed successfully. The programmable sensor agent may also comprise a display interface. The device programming file may be selected via the system manager and/or via the display interface in the programmable sensor agent. The programmable sensor agent may also comprise a battery for backup power, a wireless processor, and/or a global positioning system (GPS) processor.

US 85,086,072 issued 2103-08-20   [MORE INFO]

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