Smart Pilot Light for a Green World Indicates True Power

Smart Pilot Light (SPL) US Patents 7315255 and 7439874 was design to indicate if a device (pump, fan, oven, air conditioner, lights, heater etc.) is truly on/running (active) and consuming power. Unlike conventional pilot lights which only indicates available power, the SPL will also indicate if the device is active and consuming power. The SPL uses a two color LED (bi-state LED), green to indicate power available and red to indicate device is active. This is accomplished by sensing the operating voltage for power available (green) and senses the current going to the device to determine if active (red) and consuming power.

A typical example:
1) Operating a submersible well pump for suppling drinking water for a home. The pump is installed at the bottom of the well and can be a long way down with no visual way of knowing if the pump is running or not. A standard pilot light would indicate only if power is available to run, but will not indicate if the pump is actually running. The SPL will do both, indicating green if power is available and red when the pump is running.

2.) Another application for the SPL, reduce your energy consumption, saving a little money and keeping the plant a little greener by monitoring which appliances are running/on and which ones are not. For example, who left the garage lights on? Why is the attic fan running in the winter? Why is the basement sump pump constantly running? The possibilities are endless!

3.) Lets look at another application and do a little fault analysis using the SPL. Onboard all ships there are navigational lights for safe passage at night. They tell ships the location and course to avoid collision and are very often not visible from its own bridge. Located onboard, there is a SPL and a control switch for the “Running Light” (a navigational light used to indicate the ship is under power and moving). The SPL is indicating green, power available to operate the navigational light. The captain switches on the navigational light and the SPL will change from green to red indicating the light is operating normally. If the SPL did not change from green to red but remained green, then the light is out and a fault condition now exists. The most probable cause of this type of fault; power available but not drawing any current, can be any of the following:

a. Disconnected or lose wire
b. Defective light socket
c. Poor contact between light bulb and socket
d. Bulb filament is blown and bulb needs to be replaced

If the SPL did not change from green to red when the switch for navigational light was placed in the on position but went out (no green or red), then power is no longer available, the fuse protection has tripped and another type of fault condition now exits. The most probable cause of this type of fault can be any of the following:

e. Light bulb defective or wrong one being used, bulb needs to be replaced
f. Short circuit in the wiring circuit

Unlike a standard pilot light which is only designed to indicate power for a very specific operating Voltage (12, 24, 36, 115, 240 standard Voltages) and only AC or DC with no ability to determine if the device is running/on or not. The SPL on the other hand will indicate green, power available, whenever the operating Voltage is from 8 to 240 Volts either AC or DC. In addition will indicate red, whenever the device is active (running/on) consuming power (current is greater then 1 Amp). The SPL is truly the next generation pilot/indicator that will find its way into design applications never before possible. It will give the engineer a whole new device to design with.

In addition to a SPL being a smart pilot light, the small size and unique features can be incorporated into a circuit breaker or switch. This would further enhance the value of both of these components giving engineers and designers additional options and opening up further applications.

Conditions of SaleThere are 2 US patents (Formally LSI-55) US Patents 7315255 and 7439874 covering the design of the Smart Pilot Light and are for sale for $485,500.00.

Please note the SPL design is almost complete and very close to building production units.

In addition, all engineering data along with rights to the injection mold and all components including prototypes can be made available. If required I, will make my engineering services available to further help bring the SPL to market if desired.

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US 7,315,255 issued 2008-01-01   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$485,500

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