Shoe sole sanitizing device and associated method for eradicating microorganisms from an exterior surface of a shoe sole

A shoe sole sanitizing device preferably includes a portable platform including a pair of shoe sole-receiving sections including open bottom surfaces respectively. Each of the shoe sole-receiving sections may be adapted to receive the exterior sole of the shoe thereon. The portable platform may further include a plurality of disposable transparent stratums removably positioned on the open bottom surfaces respectively. A plurality of ultraviolet light emitting sources are aligned beneath the shoe sole-receiving sections respectively. Notably, a mechanism is also provided for independently toggling each of the ultraviolet light emitting sources between on and off modes upon detecting a corresponding triggering event respectively. The ultraviolet light emitting sources upwardly emit an array of ultraviolet light towards the transparent stratums respectively such that the ultraviolet light arrays penetrate through the disposable transparent stratums and eradicate microorganisms deposited on the exterior surface of the shoe sole.

US 8,241,565 issued 2012-08-14   [MORE INFO]
US 8,241,565 issued 2012-08-14   [MORE INFO]
US 8,241,565 issued 2012-08-14   [MORE INFO]

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