Self-muting Audio Connector

This self-muting plug system enables quiet, buzz and pop-free removal from and insertion into jack sockets on guitars and other electronic instruments while the amplifier volume is enabled.

When not inserted in a jack, the plug mechanism automatically grounds the audio signal and breaks the ground connection upon insertion into a jack.

When the plug is inserted, no longitudinal force is exerted on the jack.
Instead, a protruding button on the spring contact pushes the spring contact downwards and breaks the ground connection between the inner signal-carrying center rod and the grounded outer sleeve. This allows a normal electrical connection to be established between the connector and the device to which the connector is inserted.

Plugs which apply a longitudinal force to the jack can sometimes pop out of the jack after insertion or can be difficult to insert. Other designs with magnetic reed relays can be fragile and unreliable under stress.

US 7,758,365 issued 2010-07-20   [MORE INFO]

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Asking Price: US$5,000

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