System and Method for Dynamically Activating and Deactivating Power Supply to a Water Tank Motor

[0001] The present invention relates to the field of automated switching on and switching-off electronic/electrical devices. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to a system and method for dynamically activating and deactivating power supply to a water tank motor.

[0002] Typically filling water in a water tank involves manual intervention to reduce the overflow of water when the tank is full and switch off the motor. Conventionally, many methods are available to reduce/eliminate manual intervention to switch off the motor when the tank is full and switch-on the motor when the tank is empty. The drawback associated with the conventional methods is that these devices are not economical and also demand additional power to maintain the automated circuit. Some other well known conventional are alarms which give an alarm when the water tank is full, which further demands manual intervention to switch off the motor. Other well known method for this purpose is usage of sensors configured to sense the water levels and switches the motor automatically. The drawback associated with these sensors is that they need an additional power or charge to work.

[0003] In the light of aforementioned discussion there exists a need for an economical system and method which do not require additional power and which uses simple floats positioned in the water tank to determine the water levels and automatically switch-on and switch-off the motor.

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