Ski Simulator

The invention relates to the field of sport, ski training simulators, particularly devices for exercises and slalom skills as well as devices for entertainment.
The foundation of the present invention is based on providing conditions for the full simulation of the skier’s movement on a real skiing/slalom track by installing additional platforms, each of which imitates an axis of movement of the slope, skis, or skier’s body.
The main goal of the simulator is to demonstrate and help the novice skier/racer learn the essential constituent parts of skiing such as tipping, flexing, extending, transition, counterbalancing and counteracting, upper body position and motions, etc. and put the trainee’s body in the correct positions and provide him/her with muscle memory to remember these positions and motions as much as possible before he/she gets to the real slope.

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2012-0425. SKI SIMULATOR. ENG (drawings).pdf

UA 72,443 issued 2012-08-27
US 61,661,591 issued 2012-06-19

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