Digital Video & Music Belt Buckle-WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY

I think the timing for my patent to be leveraged is NOW, sans the industry up-tick in this paradigm of the white-out WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY DEVICE space. Below is patent, and these recent articles discussing the space and providing the hard DD for the model. I think a proper deal would be to license and or sell to a multi-national like an Intel, the military and or the medical community,...or a hybrid of the the tech company(Intel) and the MILITARY SECTOR and medical arena. It would just become a design choice for the "digital video/audio buckles" at that point to fit with the military gear and or doctors, et. al. Since it covers an audio capability in the patent, the sky is the limit!.


Mark Bush/Winston Hardin
United States 7,848,093/60765823

Issued February 2006
Digital video and music player belt buckles
Portable devices configured to be worn as a belt buckle are disclosed herein. The portable device includes a housing, a first connector attached to the housing and adapted to slideably receive a belt, and a second connector attached to the housing and adapted to secure the housing to the belt.

Mark Bush

US 7,848,093 issued 2010-12-07   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$5,000,000

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