Mechanical Transmission for Electric Motors

Most systems use a clutch to change gear - Our system uses brake.
The system is unique propulsion system suitable for electric motors, the system includes an innovative combination of an electric motor with a mechanical transmission with two speeds or more in order to increase efficiency and allow different capacities.
Changing gear is instantly.
The system is simple and easy to manufacture, reliable, with low maintenance level.

From google patent:
A driven mechanical transmission system is disclosed. The system includes an output shaft and an electrical motor, with a first rotor and a second rotor counter rotatable relatively to the first rotor. The system further includes a transmission having a first portion adapted to convey a rotational torque from the first rotor to the output shaft and a second portion adapted to convey a rotational torque from said second rotor to said output shaft in a reversed direction, relatively to the first portion. The system further includes a means of controllably preventing a rotation of the first rotor and a unidirectional bearing, disposed in between the first rotor and the output shaft. Upon controllably preventing rotation of the first rotor, the output shaft is rotatable in high gearing ratio
whereas upon allowing rotation of both the first and second rotors, the output shaft is rotatable in low gearing ratio.

New technology for electric propulsion,can be use for electric Vehicle,
It's simple,efficient and to use in mass production Vehicle.

It's new patent ,we offer it for the first time.
We want to either sell or become partners.

WO 2,013,182,964 issued 2014-05-01   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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