Sports Training Device - Optimal Point of Impact: Perfection Sleeves.

OPOI’s Perfection Sleeves are designed to isolate the optimal point for hitting a golf ball during driving or iron play. This point is surrounded by a dense silicon, which, when contacted, absorbs the energy from the hit and reinforces the ball’s dead spot.
When incorrect technique is used the club will come into contact with the energy absorbing material and produce a numb sensation through the club as well as a hollow sound. When the correct technique is used the feel and sound of the hit is perfectly normal.

Quick Application
Simply slide the sleeve over a golf ball during training sessions or just before playing a game to create confidence behind the ball.

Instant Feedback
The Perfection Sleeve ensures minimal movement if a ball is contacted incorrectly, or a perfect shot if contacted correctly. This instant feedback enhances a golfer’s feel for the perfect technique.

Unique design
The Perfection Sleeve highlights the golf ball’s sweet spots, allowing the user to easily identify the best place to contact the ball for the perfect shot.

Beginners to Professionals
From beginners to professionals, the Perfection Sleeve can teach or hone the perfect technique irrespective of skill level.

Unlike plastic practice balls, the Perfection Sleeve allows users to feel and hear if they have hit the ball correctly. This makes it an ideal accessory for golf net users who can’t see the flight of the ball during practice

Can be used by people of all ages and experience levels – from beginners to professionals to older golfers

A useful inclusion in a golfer’s bag because it gives golfers confidence behind the ball during warm up sessions

Coming soon:
National Football League (NFL) Field Goal and Field Punt Perfection Sleeve
Australian Football League Drop Punt Perfection Sleeve

US 201,400,387,411 issued 2014-02-15   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

Asking Price: US$5,000

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