Fiberglass Siding

RBG SuperSiding (TM) is a patented fiberglass siding product with a "SEAT" design that creates an Air & Water tight seal when applied to any exterior wall. The advantage of this design allows for much faster install; reducing labor costs by as much as 50%. RBG SuperSiding is manufactured using a fiberglass pultrusion machine that produces a consistent high quality product at any length desired. It is a light weight siding that is more durable than vinyl , wood or cement board sidings. RBG is completely waterproof and is impervious to chemicals, UV degradation, high winds and salt laden coastal air. Extreme hot and cold climate conditions do not affect the product's performance because fiberglass has a non conductive thermal property that other siding products do not have. When applied to a building's exterior an additional R- Value is created , adding to the structures existing thermal envelope. Product waste is also greatly reduced because it can be made to any specified length or sold in lengths that others cannot do . It is a completely recyclable product that makes it more environmentally friendly that any current siding on the market today . Less waste and a greater life cycle make RBG SuperSiding the siding for today and for decades to come.

US 8,397,459 issued 2013-08-14   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$20,000,000

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