Driver Controlled Automated Taxi Service and Devices

Method for offering multiple E-Hail customers to multiple taxicabs at the same time. An improvement over the current method of offering one customer to one taxi at a time.

An embodiment of the disclosed technology is an in-taxi customer selection system. The selection system is placed in a plurality of taxis in the form of a device which includes a touch-screen display map of a surrounding location of each taxi. An indicator of at least one future rider desiring a taxi is exhibited anonymously on each display map. The indicator exhibits only a location, and thus, lacks destination data or information about the potential rider other than his or her location of pickup. In this manner, all picked up riders are anonymous to the driver and discrimination against the rider is actually less than in the prior art, since the appearance of the rider cannot be judged before the ride is accepted. Sensors within the touch-screen display receive a selection of an indicator on one of the display maps from a driver of one of the taxis using this system. The selected indicator is then removed from all other display maps, if shown on any at the time, and the driver is sent a confirmation of said selection. In this manner, only drivers actively looking for rides see who is looking, and such drivers only see riders who are waiting for a taxi ride.

US 8,554,608 issued 2013-10-08   [MORE INFO]

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