Methods and compositions of DNA ligands (aptamers) for arthropod-borne pathogen detection and prophylaxis or therapy

Specific DNA ligand sequences (aptamers) for binding various arthropod-borne pathogens including arboviruses, rickettsia and parasites are described. Each of these sequences or their linear, two- and three-dimesional linked sequences can function in varying assay and sensor formats with varying degrees of success. Linakge of the whole or partial DNA sequences (putative binding sites) can be used to enhance specificity and affinity towards complex targets, thereby improving assay selectivity and sensitivity in many instances. In addition, the DNA aptamer sequences may bind and neutralize or prevent infection from arthropod-borne viruses, rickettsia and Leishmania or other parasites.

US 8,648,181 issued 2014-02-14   [MORE INFO]

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