Light Activated Input Panel

Touch display is standard display of smart phones and pad-type electronics and is gaining popularity for laptop computers. However, it is not suitable for TV or large size display because user is normally farther than arm-length from the display. Remote operation of touch panel is needed in order for touch panel to be useful for TV or large size display. The invention of this patent discloses a light activated input panel that turns a touch input panel into light operable. To achieve that, a layer of light-induced-shape-memory polymer is implemented into structure of typical touch panel to act as triggering source of input. When a beam of light is shed upon the polymer layer, a local shape change of the lighted portion of the layer triggers input detection mechanism of touch input panel, thus making incidence location of the light beam detectable by the touch input panel. With the assistance of the light-induced-shape-memory polymer, a touch input panel is converted to a light activated input panel. The light operable nature of the light activated input panel makes remote operation of touch input panel feasible and affordable. Thus, touch panel technology may be implemented into TV or large area display to make the display remotely operable by using a light pointer. A variety of configurations to convert a touch input panel to a light activated input panel are disclosed and claimed by the patent. Some configurations work for dual inputs – both touch input and light activated inputs.

Potential Applications:
. Non-contact operation of touch display – dual use of both touch input and light input
. Remote operation of touch display installed beyond normal reach of operator
. Remote operation of flat panel TV with touch panel for user interaction

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US 8,692,798 issued 2014-04-08   [MORE INFO]

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