Device for producing three-dimensionally-perceived images on a monitor with multiple liquid crystal screens

This invention describes a 3D color video camera to record and reproduce stereoscopic colored video images with three dimensional effect in real time. In this invention, images are recorded together with the depth information of the filmed objects measured by a sonar system. With this information, images can be displayed in a 3D display composed for several overlapped LCD screens. Each screen displays a respective image according to the depth. Then, all screens together display a color video image with 3D perception.
It can be also applied in other devices to reach new devices such as video games with 3D perception and movies, where images can be both, recorded or programmed, just including the information of depth in the program, and in sonar applications with devices capable to reproduce stereoscopic images from of depth information.

US 7,903,139 issued 2011-03-08   [MORE INFO]

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