Multifunctional Composite Sandwich Element with Embedded Electronics

This patent describes composite sandwich or panel structure having electronic components located within the core region. The core structure is porous or made up of truss elements. Truss elements may be angled or perpendicular to the outer facesheets of the sandwich structure and may extend the entire structure or be made up of smaller discrete truss elements. The composite sandwich structure may have redundant electronic components or circuitry, which is activated if equivalent components or circuitry have malfunctioned.

This patent is for a bulkhead or other structural load carrying member that is subjected to externally applied structural loads and that includes composite sandwich electronics attached to, embedded within, or part of the load carrying structure. The core structure has honeycomb, cellulous, or cellular foam construction. Electronic components or circuitry are located in a central core region having core structure.

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US 76,679,811 issued 2010-02-23   [MORE INFO]
US 73,492,251 issued 2008-03-25   [MORE INFO]

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