Seal with Integrated Sensors

"This patent describes smart seals having elements that both seal and sense changes in sealing force and internal containment pressure. This technology allows for the detection of changes or reduction in sealing force that if undetected may lead to a leaking seal. This technology may also identify which bolt within a flanged fitting is loosening and causing a reduction in sealing force.

Some of the smart seals made by Odyssian Technology are known by the trademark sensorSEALâ„¢. These seals can be standalone sensing and sealing devices or networked to make-up a larger smart piping system."

Applications include:

Oil & Gas pipeline systems
Gasoline pipeline systems
Water pipeline systems
Nuclear power stations
Chemical plants
Pumping stations
Critical industrial processes
Critical spacecraft/aircraft/naval systems
Offshore Oil & Gas platforms
Green house gas transport and storage systems

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US 8,061,211 issued 2011-11-22   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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