Composite Repair for Pipes

"This patent describes a pipe repair system made from thermoplastic composite materials. Heating elements are integrated within the composite wrap repair material(s) and elastomeric over-press material. Electrical current is first applied to the embedded elements within the composite wrap repair material causing the thermoplastic matrix material to soften. Once adequate temperature is achieved, the heating elements that are embedded within the elastomeric material are energized to generate heat. The elastomeric material, which is placed between an outer rigid over-press and the thermoplastic composite wrap material, expands when heated causing pressure to be applied to the heated thermoplastic composite repair material. The pressure exerted by the elastomeric and rigid over-press system causes the viscous thermoplastic matrix material to flow and fuse to the pipe [or other structure] requiring repair. Sensors can be applied to the composite wrap repair and the pipe to monitor the integrity of the repair.

This technology provides advantages over conventional thermoset composite wrap repair systems including much quicker in-field processing, no workability time limit, longer shelf life, no mixing or metering, no resin set-up time, recyclable, improved damage tolerance, and integrity monitoring."

Applications include:

Oil & Gas pipeline systems
Gasoline pipeline systems
Water pipeline systems
Nuclear power stations
Chemical plants
Pumping stations
Critical industrial processes
Critical spacecraft/aircraft/naval systems
Offshore Oil & Gas platforms
Green house gas transport and storage systems

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US 8,113,242 issued 2012-02-14   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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