Composite Repair for Pipes and Monitoring Assemblyand Monitoring Assembly

"This patent describes a boot, sleeve, or clam-shell assembly containing sensors that can be used to detect leaks, health, and state of a liquid or gas containment device.

This technology, which is sometimes referred to by the trademark sensorSLEEVE™, can be placed over a containment device such as a pipe, pipe repair, valve, fitting, pump, flange, joints, pressure transducers or other mechanical device to monitor its integrity. The sensorSLEEVE™ acts as a secondary containment structure or collection basin and houses sensors used to detect leaks and monitor the integrity of the repair or containment device."

Applications include:

Oil & Gas pipeline systems
Gasoline pipeline systems
Water pipeline systems
Nuclear power stations
Chemical plants
Pumping stations
Critical industrial processes
Critical spacecraft/aircraft/naval systems
Offshore Oil & Gas platforms
Green house gas transport and storage systems

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US 8,631,829 issued 2014-01-21   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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