Program for Determining the Level of Genetic Predisposition to High Achievements in Sports

The Success Scale computer programme has been developed to identify people of any age with a genetic predisposition to sporting achievement.
The programme can help in the professional selection of children for fields of athletics in accordance with their genetic predispositions for success. The test results evaluate athletes' likelihood of success as one of the following three levels: High (a gold medal at the World Championships, Olympic Games or national championships), Middling (a silver or bronze medal at one of the above events) or Low. The test assesses levels of motivation (as self-motivation, motivation by external stimuli or weak motivation) and the role played by the trainer in the athlete's professional training.
The programme is capable of determining genetic predisposition to sporting achievement at any age, and thus may also be used to test adult athletes during selection for national teams which are preparing for major events such as the Olympic Games.
The author is conducting research into both children and adults using this programme. A full report is compiled on each person tested.

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