Refrigerant Composition for Refrigeration Systems

The invention relates to a single stage vapour compression refrigerators such as those used in home refrigerators can be used down to temperatures of about -35°C. Even lower temperatures require use of two or more refrigerators in series (the so called cascade refrigerators). In this invention, temperatures as low as -203°C (70 K) can be achieved, with a single stage vapour compression refrigerator. The system operates at pressures similar to those in home air conditioners (window AC, mini splits, etc.). Hence the compressors used in these systems can be used. The use of off-the-shelf compressors which are made in hundreds of millions makes the cost low and the refrigerator very reliable. The heart of the technology is the use of optimum refrigerant mixtures and very high efficiency heat exchangers. International and Indian patents have been granted on different aspects and different variants of this technology.

US 7,722,780 issued 2010-05-25   [MORE INFO]
US 7,582,223 issued 2009-09-01   [MORE INFO]

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