Modern solution to improve electric contacts

The continuity electricity feeding at customers it is an important performance indicator for power system.
Many faults becomes from electric contacts. Using classical solution by pressing aluminium, the contact resintance it is about 10-4 - 10-5 Ω.

At normal function network, the contacts assure the continuity of electricity feeding. At faults network, when the shortcut curents are about 10 kA, the contacts made by pressing are heating at hight temperature and finality break the circuits.

To eliminate the faults in aluminium contacts, at shortcut currents, the author propose a special clamp conjunction for melt aluminium conductors. Use this solution, the resistance of electric contacts will be about 10-6 - 10-7 Ω without heating problems at shortcut currents.

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FOREN 2010 Neptun Romania

SIER - CNEE 2009 Sinaia Romania

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RO 18,261 issued 2008-08-04   [MORE INFO]

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