System and Method for Selectively Enabling a Control System

A Silicon Valley company has developed the ultimate in online security and patented technology they call “Alive Biometric Signature Authentication Identification Security Systems Solutions™”(ABSAISSS) coupled with “Fragmented Character Data Storage Infrastructure Server Vaults™” (FCDSISS). “These Alive Biometric Security Systems and Solutions are ideal for preventing almost all crime. The technology creates a fool proof security system. The new systems guarantee’s a complete “lock out” of anyone not identified and authenticated to access data servers, cell phones, laptops, tablets, PC’s, aircraft, automobiles, health care monitoring devices, home and office security systems, banking transactions. It literally can be used to lockout anyone using any type of device that requires operator identification”.

The company has developed technology using what they term as an “Alive Biometric Authentication Identification Signature Firewall Systems Solutions™” The system (ABAISFSS) encompasses one or more biometrics infused with physiologic parameter sensors. This acknowledges an individual’s “Alive and in a normal physiological parameter status”. The company claims the technology will completely ” lock-out” cyber hackers from accessing sensitive information contained within data storage devices of all types! The “lock-out” system prevents hackers from accessing the data storage device by only allowing individuals that have been registered with their “Alive Biometric Authentication Identification Signature™” to unlock the device. The defragmented encryption algorithm created for the Alive Biometric Authentication Identification Signature Systems Solutions™” is designed to completely eliminate all Cyber-attacks warfare attempts and internet security breaches at all levels.

The company is licensing the patented technology to companies worldwide. The company representatives have been in contact with the some of the world’s leading telecommunication, security, health care and transportation companies along with a few foreign countries governments.

The technology will completely eradicate Cyber Warfare on a global scale. The innovated systems will enable every company, country and government on Earth to create, design and build their own isolated “Alive Biometric Authentication Identification Security Systems Solutions™” (ABAISSS). This technology is so far advanced that the developers believe it can never be hacked and it will continuously protect the identities of every individual in every country around the world. The developing company has also discreetly allowed information out on how the systems maintain complete anonymity. The engineers, innovators and the think tank groups that were all involved in creating and designing these new systems and devices had realized the tremendous and awesome power behind these technologies as they were developing them, so the team created an infinitely changing algorithm preventing anyone, company or government from retaining or storing any individual’s complete biometric signature. These systems allow for complete anonymity, privacy and freedom for everyone.

We may someday live on a planet with no crime because of this technology and considering the continuous future innovation capabilities of this technology, it definitely presents an ability to create a truer and a more genuine society with a bright outcome for many generations to come.

US 8,138,951 issued 2012-03-20   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$100,000,000

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