Fluid Retention Device

A fluid retention device which can be used for Flood Barriers, Liquid & Gas Storage, Aqueducts, Silt Traps and Land Slippages.

The invention eliminates the need for concrete by using galvanised steel & rubber membrane. The benefits of using the Neptune system are; it's Better value for money, Long Lifespan with additional components such as cladding for aesthetics, solar panels & wind turbines to be installed to genereate a income to pay for itself over the long term. 4x Faster to install than conventional flood barriers, holding tanks etc. Less men and machinery required on site, reduced risks.

Barrier comes pre-assembled prior to site delivery to speed installation process up. All parts are manufactured under BSI & ISO standards.

We are looking for somebody to take the patent design into a country of their choice under a contractual agreement or a joint venture partnership.

US 14,357,459 issued 2013-10-21   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

Asking Price: US$2,000,000

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