Method of Encoding Character Sets for Numeric Key Entry

Abstract: The invention relates to methods of encoding text symbols for numeric key entry purposes.
The technical result is the production of devices for entering text using numeric keys, the devices optimizing the entry of text.
The above-mentioned result is achieved in that the method uses optimized code tables, in which an elementary code table has 10 columns and 10 rows.
The use of the invention will make it possible to produce code tables, matrices, language symbol codes, computer programs or parts of programs, and also integral chips or parts of the chips optimizing the entry of multilingual text for technical text-entry devices using numeric keys.

P.S. The patent protects the chip and designed programs that allow one or two keystrokes per character, while typing a numeric keypad in cellular phones, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops, personal computers
and other devices with a numeric keypad.
The numeric keypad can be physical or virtual, touch.
On the basis of the present invention may receive a few more patents, the authors have the know-how.
The invention is based on the optimal set of coding characters.

WO 1 issued 2014-12-24   [MORE INFO]

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